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Justice and Recovery Advocates, Inc. provides many avenues of support for the loved ones of incarcerated individuals who suffer from mental health and substance use disorders. We also provide re-entry services for returning citizens and support for currently incarcerated individuals. Below you will find some of the many ways we are helping the community and providing needed services for families, loved ones and incarcerated individuals.

*Health and Wellness programs: We provide to treatment facilities, correctional facilities/Day
Reporting Center, transitional and recovery houses health and wellness programming specifically
designed for individuals with trauma, substance use disorder and mental health disorders and
incarceration in the components of Nutrition/Integrative Health, Empowerment and
Mindfulness/Meditation/Yoga as part of a fully integrative rehabilitation model.
*Re-entry and Recovery Case Management Services: from pre-trial to post-conviction, we provide
full-service re-entry and recovery case management services that include but are not limited to: referrals
and placement into addiction/mental health treatment, medical care, obtaining basic needs/health
insurance/social services and benefits, housing assistance, employment, etc. Our case management team
follows up with and monitors clients for three to six months after intake to provide continual support
throughout re-entry/diversion and acclimation into the community.
*Judicial Advocacy/Diversion support: we provide advocacy support for systems-involved
individuals pre-trial through post-conviction with a focus on alternatives to incarceration and diversion
when appropriate and reasonable utilizing our vast knowledge and experience in conditions of
confinement, effective diversion into treatment, directly impacted staff and the ability to monitor and
support clients through diversion into re-entry in the community after completion and release.
*Family Support Services: we provide support, guidance and referrals for family members of clients
for resources, treatment services, family counseling and access to community services. We also provide
support for families to navigate having a loved one in the justice system.
*Peer Support Services (Direct and Group): we provide both direct (one on one) and group peer
support services including support from one of our trained peers who not only provide much needed
personal support and mentorship but navigation of the processes in both the criminal justice system and
recovery/treatment, guidance for access to needed resources and assistance with re-entry.
*Street-based and Community Outreach: we provide scheduled outreach events in the community
providing resources, guidance, peer support and supplies/food. These events are in collaboration with
community entities (MDH, faith-based organizations, fellow non-profits) as well as our own Backpack
Outreach program.
*Harm Reduction Education and Services: we provide harm reduction education, Narcan training
and distribution within communities through group trainings, individual trainings within the street-based
outreach and for individual clients, for residents/participants in treatment programs and by request of
community organizations/entities for their members and families.

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