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Awareness Campaigns

One of the missions of Justice and Recovery Advocates, Inc. is to bring community awareness to important issues that affect our incarcerated population and their families and communities. Our creative campaigns bring mindfulness to our communities and bring humanity to an often overlooked demographic to help end the stigma, raise their voices and break the cycle.

We encourage participation in these projects and they are open to the participants indicated in the guidelines of the project; please review all information listed and contact us for further information and requirements. Please share with anyone who may be interested. These projects are on-going so keep checking back for further project advancements.
justice and recovery advocates inc


WE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING WITH THE MARYLAND PRISONER'S RIGHTS COALITION TO IMPROVE CONDITIONS OF CONFINEMENT IN MARYLAND STATE AND LOCAL CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES. Our focus is on healthcare (medical, mental and dental) as well as addiction treatment. We have partnered with the MPRC to produce a series of public forums and other advocacy projects to improve healthcare received by incarcerated persons.  
Check them out on Facebook under Maryland Prisoners' Rights Coalition and register to join the Coalition if you are directly impacted individual or to follow their work!!

"Out of the Shadows of the Concrete Veil"
Our President partnered with the Maryland Prisoners' Rights Coalition to produce this podcast that unveils and discusses the truth behind the wall and conditions of confinement. Check it out here:


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