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Phone number- 3012713620
 Address: PO BOX 386, Thurmont MD 21788


Justice and Recovery Advocates, Inc. provides many avenues of support for the loved ones of incarcerated individuals who suffer from mental health and substance use disorders. We also provide re-entry services for returning citizens and support for currently incarcerated individuals. Below you will find some of the many ways we are helping the community and providing needed services for families, loved ones and incarcerated individuals.


Support Groups:

We host local adult peer support groups in different counties statewide in Maryland where families and loved ones can come together and share their stories without shame. Here in the support groups, you will find encouragement, understanding and empowerment. We also offer health and wellness programs to our group members such as: yoga/meditation, stress reduction, mindfulness, nutrition and much more. The groups are designed to promote healing, healthy change and breaking the cycle. You are not alone!

Frederick County: Tuesdays 630-830pm

Trinity United Methodist Church, 703 W. Patrick St. Frederick MD.

Washington County: NEW!!! Starting May 2, 2018, every other Wednesday from 630-830pm at 121 E. Antietam Street, Hagerstown, MD  21740. Contact or for more information.

Baltimore County: this group is changing locations in 2018. Contact us for information.

Contact us for a support group in your area.

We also have a Facebook group, Justice and Recovery Support Group, that you can access for support and assistance as well. Find us on Facebook, request to be added and an admin will contact you.

Children's Programs:

We offer programs for children of incarcerated loved ones providing a holistic and healing approach, wellness, education, and empowerment through a wide variety of activities, exercises and fun projects. Our staff and specialists develop programs with a focus on healthy healing and empowering the mind and spirit while helping them find their voice. Our after-school programs for children who have an incarcerated loved one are opening soon in Washington County MD.

Re-entry Services: 

We provide assistance in locating needed services and resources to returning citizens statewide such as substance use disorder treatment, mental health counseling, housing, community services, employment, healthcare and more. We advocate for the needs of both returning citizens and the currently incarcerated.

We are currently providing re-entry and recovery programming at the Day Reporting Center in Washington County MD and have begun our newest Re-entry program in Frederick County (Opening April 12, 2018) on Thursdays from 6-8pm at 629 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701.

Our "Choose Life" Recovery and Re-entry Health and Wellness Programs include:

**Nutrition/Integrative Health

**Peer Support and Life Skills


**Financial Literacy



Resources and Education:

We provide helpful resources to families and loved ones of the incarcerated to assist them in their healing which include but are not limited to: mental health providers, substance use disorder counselors, family therapists, treatment centers, re-entry organizations, legal professionals, family assistance, and service providers for children. We strive to educate the families and loved ones as to the disease of addiction and the mental health disorders that brought them to this situation, coping and healing skills, ways to help their children and provide educational material on the criminal justice system, correctional facilities and incarceration.


Family Preservation/Outreach/Navigation Assistance:

We strongly encourage family preservation before, during and after incarceration. We provide resources and outreach to the families and loved ones to ensure constant open communication, strong family ties, healthy and successful family re-entry and reduction of recidivism. We will help navigate families in the direction that is needed for them individually.


Advocacy and Awareness:

We strongly advocate for the needs of our constituency, and proper and readily available treatment. We are bringing to light the adverse effects of incarceration and lack of mental health and substance use disorder treatment for the incarcerated that has been forced upon our families and communities. We strive to reduce the stigma attached to incarceration, mental illness and substance use disorder as well as bringing to the forefront what communities and officials can do to make positive changes. We are here to create a statewide and nationwide awareness of the issues that affect the incarcerated population, the families and loved ones of these individuals and our communities.

About us:

Justice and Recovery Advocates, Inc. is a collaborative statewide organization driven to provide assistance to children and families who have loved ones incarcerated and suffering from mental health and substance use disorders as well as providing assistance to currently and formerly incarcerated individuals. We began this journey due to the serious need of support and advocacy for the well being of a population of our community that oftentimes gets overlooked, neglected and stigmatized. We are community members, constituents and family members with many years of personal advocacy both in criminal justice and the mental health and substance abuse fields. We are committed to bringing awareness to how incarceration, substance use disorder, mental illness, and current inadequate standards of care and treatment have a negative and devastating impact on our communities and families, how they are interrelated, and how we as the people can make changes that will break the cycle. With more than 30 years combined experience, our board and staff members have a strong compassion for people, for preserving our families and each of us has a strong commitment to creating real and positive change.