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About Us

Justice and Recovery Advocates, Inc. is a collaborative statewide organization driven to provide assistance to children and families who have loved ones incarcerated and suffering from mental health and substance use disorders as well as providing assistance to currently and formerly incarcerated individuals. We began this journey due to the serious need of support and advocacy for the well being of a population of our community that oftentimes gets overlooked, neglected and stigmatized. We are community members, constituents and family members with many years of personal advocacy both in criminal justice and the mental health and substance abuse fields. We are committed to bringing awareness to how incarceration, substance use disorder, mental illness, and current inadequate standards of care and treatment have a negative and devastating impact on our communities and families, how they are interrelated, and how we as the people can make changes that will break the cycle. With more than 30 years combined experience, our board and staff members have a strong compassion for people, for preserving our families and each of us has a strong commitment to creating real and positive change.

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